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Community Engagement and Livable Neighborhoods

Our political climate is polarized.  As a councilor, I will promote a civil dialogue and work collaboratively with council members, residents, and city staff to better engage all stakeholders to develop effective solutions to the challenges we face.


Cambridge has been a leader in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our city through its policies and practices.  However, we can and must do more to assure greater representation and opportunity for all marginalized communities to allow them to benefit from all that Cambridge has to offer.

Cambridge’s assets are its neighborhoods, small businesses, and strong sense of community.  I will advocate for policies, public services, and infrastructure investments that maintain vibrant and livable neighborhoods, improve our quality of life, and create sustainable economic growth.

Cambridge provides many services to our seniors. I will work to maintain and expand our programming to improve the quality of life for our seniors throughout the city and provide resources and supports for them to be able to age in place.

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