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“Paul has been an incredibly effective advocate for all of Cambridge and champion for the business community.  Paul has spent his career bringing people together to make progress towards a vision of shared priorities and a government that works towards equity for everyone.  We need Paul on the City Council and I hope you will give him your #1 on November 7th”

David Maher

Former Mayor of Cambridge & CEO of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce


“I am proud to endorse and support Paul Toner in his campaign for City Council.  I have known Paul for close to 30 years.  I have worked with him as a teacher, union leader, community activist and now as a City Councillor.  In his first term Paul has demonstrated his commitment to listening to residents and working for the betterment of our city.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Paul during this campaign season with your #1 vote.” 

Tim Toomey

Former Cambridge City Councillor


"As a State Representative, I know what it takes to be effective in public office. It requires outreach to constituents, listening to their concerns and doing the hard work to address the issues and find solutions. Paul Toner is someone who has don the work! He is a progressive and thoughtful elected official who will represent the residents of Cambridge well and will work to make Cambridge an even better city. Cambridge needs Paul’s balanced and pragmatic approach to leadership on the city council.  I hope you join me in supporting Paul Toner for Cambridge City Council."

​David Rogers

Massachusetts State Representative


“I am supporting Paul Toner for Cambridge City Council because integrity matters.  I worked side by side with Paul as a fellow teacher and his commitment to his community and students was front and center.  He can bring people together and develop new ideas for our common good.”

Rhonda Greene

Webster Avenue Resident


I have had the pleasure of watching the growth of Paul Toner’s skills as a classroom teacher, local union president and MTA president. Among the constant characteristics he has brought to all these positions are thorough preparation, hard work, and an unfailing integrity. He has always listened to all sides of an issue and helped to bring about consensus. I am proud to endorse Paul for Cambridge City Council.

Arthur L. Gilman

7th Street Resident


"Paul is devoted to, and passionate about, this city and its future. He has the intelligence, common sense, experience, and tenacity that are needed to respond to the changing political landscape and to make sure all our voices are heard. I'm supporting Paul because I know he will apply sound judgment and reason to the job of representing the people of the city and will work tirelessly to lead Cambridge into a bright future."

Anne Tallon

Upland Road Resident


“I have known Paul Toner for many years.  He is a good friend and great dad.  He has been a proven leader in his career and the community and will bring common sense leadership to the City Council.  I am proud to support him in this campaign.”

Paul Lonergan

Upland Road Resident


I appreciate Paul’s sensible ideas on how to make biking as safe as possible. He understands the dangers of poorly built, badly maintained bike lanes and he believes, as I do, the bicyclists have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road to help keep everyone as safe as possible, including other cyclists like me. In a world where extreme groups stake out their positions, no matter how dangerous and unreasonable, Paul is uniquely capable of navigating the choppy waters of Cambridge’s Street safety discussions to help make us all safer. I am proud to support Paul Toner for Cambridge City Council.”

Craig Kelley

Former Cambridge City Councillor

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